Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hello Folks,
This has been A VERY busy 2 weeks. I still haven't completed what I originally set out for. I hope it gets over quickly so that I can resume blogging.

Things that I have learnt so far...

1. Now I know why people stay late at work.
2. Now I know why people say its really nice to go back and study.
3. Now I know why working on a "Multi-Cultural" (fancy word for an Indian and American trying to work together eventhough they are 10 and a half hours apart) is difficult.

There was something that happened which bothered me a lot. An incident which questioned my integrity. I got really pissed and I never knew I could feel so offended. Why can't people verify things before casting aspersions? Is it so hard to do? People just assume things without basing their opinions on facts. Although I did give the concerned person a lot to think about, I am not too sure if the deed won't be repeated again.

Someone said....
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