Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I think the tennis fans would know what I am going to talk about after seeing the title. Recently, the Belgian sports minister revealed that the 2004 US open Champion Svetlana Kuznetskova (I hope I spelt it right) consumed a banned substance called ephedrine. Jeez...Whats the big deal even I had ephedrine. Ok folks now dont put your hands over your mouth and think of the various correctional facilities that you could send me to for drying me out. Ephedrine is added to most of the common cold medicines for nasal decongestion. I thank God they didn't make us give dope tests after the University Exams, because I wrote most of my exams under the influence of this drug. Vellore is a dusty place and I had a perennial cold and I had to consume these cold tablets to keep me on my feet. I do not know why they make a big deal out of it. On hind sight, I did read of a side could reduce your sperm count. Yeah I was a little worried...anyway let bygones be bygones :D. Anyways for the record I have shifted out of vellore and so no more cold and no more ephedrine which means ---------


Blogger Sanketh said...

hey K,
Thanks for dropping by. I am assuming you are at State. I thought blogging was non-existant in this place esp. among the Indian community. It is nice to be wrong for once.
Nice blogging.
Take care.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Sanketh said...

Hey Kaka,

I kinda guessed it was you but I wanted to be sure. I asked Gopal yesterday and he did say you blog. Good for you man. Any idea if anyone else at State blogs? Let me know if you do. I could use some humor. What courses this sem?


4:45 PM  

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