Sunday, November 07, 2004

IQ and Elections

People voted for Bush's "Morals" and "Strong stance adopted towards Iraq"
and his "Unwavering foreign and domestic policies". Morals = Anti Gay
Marriages and Anti abortion but Morals != Thousands of Iraqis and
foreigners being killed,mercilessly executed or tortured in Iraq beacuse
of one man's madness.So will they vote for anyone who just remains steadfast
in killing people and going to war?Well that was the feeling in my campus
atleast. I liked Moore's comment."The best thing about this election is
Bush cannot be reelected next time...phew!"

Here is an excerpt from an article

*****To mourn the triumph of George Bush—and make no mistake, it is a
triumph—would be an insult to the American people and American democracy.
The world's most powerful, affluent, intellectually robust, innovative
nation has elected a president much of the free world loathes.****

I find this a common trait the writer her mentions "Intellectualy robust".
I have interacted with quite a few international students who have
expressed the same thing....they always compare the American IQ to Bush's
uhh to pleasantly put 'comparitively lower IQ' just to emphasize the fact
that a country which has some of the best minds in the world have voted
for Bush. So this satistician Chris Evans puts things in perspective.
Maybe the bright people did vote for Kerry(the lesser of two no
means do I consider Kerry an ideal President but definitely he could have
been a better alternative)

To sum up one more article that gives you an idea about how BUSH-VOL.2 is
going to be like. A prologue of sorts by Seema Sirohi, Outlook

*****Will Bush finally begin building bridges around the world? The jury
is still out but the first news conference of the chosen one was not
encouraging. Bush declared he would work with all those "who share our
goals." In other words, "you are with us or against us." He boasted how
the "people’s will" was behind him (after four years of acting without it)
and the "political capital" he had collected. It didn’t sound like he was
turning a new leaf either on his domestic agenda or his foreign policy
projects.And Cheney and the neoconservatives have not shown signs of
mellowing either with experience or age. They see this victory -- by no
means a mandate because 55 million voted for Kerry -- as a vindication.
Danielle Pletka, of the American Enterprise Institute which serves as
Cheney’s brain trust, calmly declared a day after Bush’s reelection that
"force might be the only option" for Iran.

If this is the flavour of Bush II, not only Iran, but all others may want
to tread gently. The world is now faced with a hyper power struggling
internally with two visions/versions of itself while charting a course
that many fear. Yes, the bad dream got an extended run.******

On a personal note I am still recovering from the fact that my university
is not contributing too many bright people to the society.(Average IQ of
North Carolinians= 93). I have my doubts though, maybe coming to think
of it, quite possible because this thing was done before I joined State.

One more interesting article that compares the IQ levels of states and
the poll results by a satistician Chris Evans.

You can find a comaprative chart about Bush states and their IQ's Kerry
States and their IQ's. the results are as expected folks ;).


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Wouldnt you say he is better than them democrats that enact stuff like this..

Clinton was in office when his political advisor walks into the room and claims " There's this problem with this new abortion bill".

Clinton says " Ok, is that another new abortion bill or where you just referring to me by my first name. If its a new one, just go ahead and pay it."

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