Saturday, March 12, 2005

Slow and selfish

I always get pissed with people who try sounding diplomatically right and get even more pissed if people appreciate the person for doing that. It just looks so artificial and that was the first thing that struck me when I reached Raleigh. Now lets take this to another level...people hate Shoaib Akhtar because he talks his mind (agreed it can be brash and downright stupid at times). But you would atleast know that this guy would have the same things to say about you..... behind you and on your face. Now take Mr Goody Two Shoes Sachin Tendulkar, you always hear the same sound bytes.
Media: Sachin, how would you rate this century?
Sachin(if the team wins): I dont mind if I score a century or a 40...I am happy as long as it helps the team win.
Sachin(if the team loses): I am very sad that the team lost and this century didnt help the teams cause.

Media: Sachin, another century and you have the record for the most number of hundreds in either form of the game, Your comment?
Mr. Goody Two Shoes: I never play for records, I am happy to play for my country and contribute towards its success.

Press conference after press conference you hear the same things and for some strange reason I always believed the man. But offlate it just doesnt add up.Yesterdays draw can be blamed entirely on Sachin and to a lesser extent on Ganguly. Nobody scores 120 runs in 70 odd overs after scoring 350 runs at a run rate of 4.5 for a day and a half. And, with 7 wickets remaining...I just cannot see any possible reason for adopting such a painfuly slow scoring rate. A man who was batting beautifully with Sehwag made batting look as dry as the Saharan desert after Sehwag's departure. Ganguly the new man in was scratchy and looked out of sorts and it was up to THE BATTINGOD to maintain the run rate. But I guess Sachin desperately needed that century and wanted to reach towards it as slowly as possible without taking any risks. I was happy that he didnt get it. I read a news article which suggested the low sightscreen to be the reason why Sachin batted so slowly. Helloooo...? are you guys trying to tell me that Sachin develops this lowsighscreenphobia after reaching is half century. He score his first 50 of 70 balls and the next 50 of 120 balls.Dont try to justify his actions...maybe Sachin got out because he had loose motions....Sachin got that LBW decision because the umpire had a boil on his ass...wake up people. All I can say is that please dont make him out to be so selfless. Maybe I would have done the same thing as Sachin..... but I could never lie so blatantly that the Country comes before me and the reason why I played so slow was because of the team and our strategy. Being selfish is not such a big deal but acting 'selfless' sucks big time.


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Blogger mohan said...

read the full article u fooooooool.
then say these foolishnesses once more...ok...

who is selfless? u???? no one man... no one in the world...............

7:07 PM  

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