Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Praveen's Kavidhai

Praveen and I have been class mates since class 7. Though he is from Kerala, he knows more Tamil than I do (Ok, I am not a good basis for comparing with). But, this piece from him was beautiful. I am not very good at writing a glowing review. I could never digest the fact that there are people who are more talented than me ;). I have tried transalating it into Tamil. While I tried transalating it, I just couldn't help noticing the beauty of Tamil...there were some words that just didn't feel the same way when written in English...or maybe I just dont know enough English to fill in the right words. All of the sudden I suspect its the latter. Anyways I will leave you with the 'kavidhai' and its English transalation.

vodum naeram oru kanam nindradhu
aval azhagai rasipadharkku

veesum kaatru sattrae yosithadhu
aval koondhalai kalaipadharkku

paayum alaigal konjam kuzhaindhadhu
aval udalai ninaipadharkku

kozuthum sooriyan paavam parthadhu
aval maeniyai suduvadharkku

suttrum bhoomi dhisaiyai maatriyadhu
avalai thirumbip paarpadharku

Ivargalai pol naan innum thayanguvadhu
yen kaadhalai solvadharku

- Praveen Sathya

English Translation

Time stopped for a moment
to soak in her beauty

The breezy wind contemplated
on blowing her hair away

The tides/waves stepped back and hesitated a little
to wet her body

The scorching sun pitied her
as it didn't want to scald her skin ***

The rotating earth changed directions
to have a second look at her

Like them, I too hesitate
to tell my love for you

*** this line was really difficult to transalate, so if you have a better way of putting it please drop it in as a comment.
(Karthik, stay away! Even though you are working your way towards that doctorate in Linguistics....the 'mudhala sambar apparam fightu' brand of Tamil won't work here :D )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a really nice poem( kavidhai), though I don't know the language I was able to make it out from the transalation. I am sure it would have been sweeter if I had known the language.

7:58 PM  
Blogger ahiri said...

the racing hours stopped still (7)
to soak in her beauty (6)

the cool breeze hesitated (7)
to blow through her tresses (6)

to mess up her tresses(6)

to whistle through her hair (6)

the weaving waves weaned away (7)
to drench her in their mist (6) ( or midst)
to get her body wet (6)

the wrathful sun clemently (7)
shone afraid to scald her (6)

the spinning earth turned around (7)
to get his second glance (6)

my love for her hesitates (7)
alike find its voice (6)


my love for her hesitates (7)
to be expressed 'mong all (6)


my love for her dithers to (7)
find its voice 'mongst them all (6)


my love for her shyly waits (7)
for his turn 'mongst them all (6)


my love for her shyly waits (7)
his turn amongst them all (6)

Personally i like the last but one line the best .

As in any other form of work , this shall be too , lost in translation . It sounds great in Tamizh .

Hope my attempt came close !!

Write more .


1:37 AM  
Blogger Raj_85 said...

hey that was a really nice it yours?

dont get angry.........

1:40 AM  
Blogger subha said...

That was really very very nice.. write more and more and post..


12:23 AM  

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