Sunday, December 26, 2004

A new beginning

Another year gone by and it’s already 2005

Time is just like a new born-crawl, stand, walk and run- ahhh time flies

2004 started off with some well laid out plans

But, somewhere between the crawling and running they became “also ran’s”

A million things that you should have done and another mil that you wish you didn’t

However if that were the case, it would have never been fun-so bother you needn’t

As the cliché goes the optimist looks to gain and the pessimist prays that he doesn’t lose

Only if fate were as simple as hope that it lets you to pick and choose

Then there are those special few who always pray for the elusive ‘everlasting’ peace

But, what could poor God do if politicians keep wanting more cheese

Amidst all these unrealized dreams, the coming year could assure you of one thing

At the end of it will lie yet another new year- a year of hope that will make life worth living

Friday, December 10, 2004

Hara Hara Sankara!

I am a very religious person and at times can be superstitious. I do certain things without questioning the reasons behind them.When you are dealing with abstract concepts like evolution and God, you either have to believe whatever is put forth by your religion or you should just walk away from it.
Whenever I hear about scandalous popes, pontiffs, acharyas, mullahs and sadgurus I get frustrated.Probably, I might be wrong on this but you can see through people when you know they are bullshitting. Its no rocket science, its just that some people notice it and some people blindly believe an individual.If you are blindly believing in God, it is perfectly alright but if you are blindly believing in a person who says that he can take you to God.....uhhh I think that is dangerous. The only people I trust closing my eyes are my family and a couple of close friends.How can you ever consider a Man in this world to sacrifice all his materialistic possessions to do God's work.
A question that has always been haunting me is , Why have an hierarchial organization for a temple with the priest or aacharya as the head? Aren't all these people supposed to recite vedas and deliver the world of its agony by performing their austere pujas. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why not leave the adminstrative side of the affairs to an MBA, economist, banker or some jack who knows how to manage people and money? But, the saint who leaves all his belongings for a cause is made to work through a ladder in saintdom and once he reaches the top he is given the title of head priest, paramacharya, pope etc...He gets to control the entire organization, he gets to be the HR manager, the Financial director, CEO and VC and like any true businessman its not even his money. They leave the materialistic world because of the lust, greed, power and the violence which deters them from their path to Godhead. But, what they do not realize is that they are again going to be a given a ladder to climb and they are again going to be drawn to the material trappings which they so desparately want to forsake.
Why does a kid who is not even 13 becomes a sanyasi. Is that not equivalent to child marriage. Doesn't the child have a say? Won't the child have aspirations? A kid reaching adoloscence is thrust into the holy world of rigid doctrines and principles. Will this kid ever get to talk about girls and all the strange physical changes that his body is going through with his friends. The only way that I got to know a little about the opposite sex and how babies are made was through my friends. A country like India where everything is taboo, even, a kid with a normal upbringing has to learn these things by watching blue films or reading porn books. What if these kids get to watch masochistic sex , they might end up thinking that beating your partner to pulp is the only way you can sexually gratify her!!!! I think I am digressing here. My point is the reason why we have all these sex scandals are because these Godmen are thrust into something at an early age when they are not comfortable with their own sexuality. Only when a man has seen all the phases of life should he be considered for sainthood.Probably when he is about 50 or so. There is no point in calling these guys creepy bastards, replacing them and throwing them in jail. Iam sure the replacement will equal his predecessor in all parameters. There is no point in being shocked when you hear that the bishop slept with altar boys...for all you know the bishop might have thought its a normal occurence in his boring life. The victimised altar boy might be the next bishop who thinks that homosexuality is normal. Religion should continue to remain selfless service to the Lord and his people and not a confused individual with absolute authority who can do whatever he desires.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Last 'Project, Exam, Report, Presentation & Demonstaration'

Well folks, I completed my last 'Engineering' exam yesterday. And as for the other things that were mentioned on the caption....I got a whole two weeks to get them finished which explains my absence on blogspot.

Hmm...the discerning reader would have noticed the stress applied to the word Engineering :D. I have completed my required engineering credits for my Masters program. Therefore, I will never ever have to sit in front of a computer working on meaningless circuits and programs but will rather have the pleasure of job scouting on the wild wide web.

I promised my project mates that if I get an opportunity I would voice my team's concerns regarding the project to our ECE746 instructor.
Our Concerns
1. Projects should be problems that should have a solution, and it should be possible for an individual to solve it within a given time frame without killing himself.
2. After the completion of project you should get a sense of elation rather than relief. Well the feeling we got was "ahhhhhhh, the wretched thing is over"
3. A project should help stimulate your intellectual juices rather than give you a feeling of impotency. More importantly it should not make you think of changing professions...well to be honest I was thinking of an early retirement.

Ok I can never be so brutally honest to my Professor as he is yet to assign grades for the course.If you happen to pass through our lab and if you get to hear conversations like...

Hey dude that looks really awesome lay. man?Did you finger it man?
A girl might ask you probing questions like how long is it?
Woohoo! sweet mother of God 100,90 and 0.2009

Ok readers this is not a room with porn nodels in it, but this is a room with very smart layout designers(I am the only exception) and these are some questions that they ask each other. Let me transalate these lines for the folks who are fortunate enough to not know the V of VLSI. Cadence is a software tool that is extensively used for designing chips in the hardware industry. So the questions usually are like....How long is the chip? Lay means layout design for your circuit...layout is a semiconductor level representation of all the elements in your circuit. Fingering your layout...means a unique structure that would improve your efficiency.And the 100,90,0.2009 is the length,width and density of your design and not an over weight person with insect like legs.

Ok.... Ok wake up....I don't want this to be transistors101 for you guys. It was a frustrating 2 weeks and I am glad it is over but strangely I don't feel as happy as I used to when I was in high school. When the last of your exams were over in school all you had to think was what you were going to do for the break, catch up on all the movies that you missed and think of all the TV shows that you would watch. But, once you grow older, you are glad that the semester is over but you do have a feeling of 'What next?'. A small sense of inscurity, whether your plan of work will be approve, whether you will get a job?, whether you will get that elusive H1b...if worse becomes worst will you get a good job back home? A lot of questions run through your mind. But, I guess for now I will leave everything to God and get a few hours of sleep that I very much deserve.
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