Friday, November 19, 2004

Here w'EGO'

Pronunciation: 'E-(")gO also 'eg-(")O
Function: noun
Inflected Form: plural egos
Meaning: Too little of it means that you dont have any self esteem and too much of it means that you are a pompous pig.

Errr....ok thats not a standard websters or an oxford definition of ego but its something that yours truly came up with after his 23 years of existence on planet earth.

I was just talking to this friend(ok thats carrying it a little too far...... someone whom I studied with for 4 years) of mine. She is a 'scientist' in ISRO now. The conversation started of like this:

X: Hey Long time no see
Me: Yeah how r u doing?
X: I am doing fine
X: actually Work is killing me you know
Me: Uh...same here..too much home work
X: Homework! oh yeah what r u doing?
Me: Masters in Electrical
X:sheesh! but do you like doing that
X: I mean its completely unrelated to what you did in your undergrad
On seeing that I was desperately trying control my temper. Thank God this was on messenger and not not face to face.
Me: Uh... well... yeah, X but over here everything from robotics to signal processing to control engineering getsclubbed into the EE program. So its pretty much a continuation from where I left.
X: Oh, thats good! but I personally feel that you can understand a lot of things only when you work in the real world. You know what I mean
Ok thats it She has gone way off the mark. Gritting my teeth, I was in two minds to just close the window.I didn't type anything for a while.
X: Hey...U there! Helloooooooo
Me: Uh yeah yeah I am there. I know what you mean. A job has its own pluses.
X: Yeah. Like I was saying ISRO is planning to send me to all the ISRO centres in India
Me: Hmm what for
X: They want me to do a study on how cryogenic instrumentation is used ina ll these centres
(Me Thinking...Cryogenicaaaa ok sounds too technical for my tiny brain...anyway I am not going to say 'WOW!!! way to go, cryogenic and all amazing'......I am going to be as indifferent as possible)
Me: Thats interesting! so when are you leaving
X: Uh in a month or so.
Me: Are you going alone or are there a group of trainee engineers.
X: Trainee Engineers!!! I am not a trainee engineer
X: I am a scientist, a gazetted officer. I can put an official stamp with my rubber seal and endorse legal documents
Me: Uh I am terribly sorry. I assumed that you were a trainee engg
X:No I am not

I could sense how furious she was . I have to play it safe here. She would probably ask Kalam to loan her a nuclear warhead using her ISRO credentials and shoot it straight at me.

Me: Well thats quite an acheivement X
X: You know its very difficult to get into ISRO. You guys did not even reply to my email

Well...what she is refering to here is the fact that she emailed everyone saying that she got into ISRO but only a couple of us congratulated her and I was one among them.

Me: Well I dont know about the rest but I replied to your email promptly.
X:You replied to Suresh when he said he was going to Australia.
(Me Thinking...what in the world is wrong with this female!!!)
Me: Uh I replied to your email too. I am sorry if it did not reach you. Anyways my hearty congratulations.
X: Thats ok. You know ISRO is going to sponsor my Mtech in Cryogenic instrumentation
Me: Oh thats super
X:You know where I will be doing it?
Me: No
X: IIT Madras

After hearing that let me assure you, I was absolutely not jealous but neither did I feel happy for her. I usually do, when I hear things of this sort. But I don't know the whole conversation irked me and I could only think of ways to politely end this chat session. X, I have a big boil on my behind and the doctor has advised me not to sit in one place for a long time...ummm what if she asks me to stand and type...well she is definitely capable of doing that. X, you overstuffed toad with a queen sized ego....Get lost....uhhh well that would be a little too rude.X, I have an early morning class tomorrow and its 1 am now I have to sleep.Cya later.....ahh now thats more like it.Jeez I never had thoughts like this since 9th standard when I wanted to desperately sit out of my Maths exam and finally had to act as if I had a severe case of stomach ache coupled with dysentry.

Me: Well awesome
X: Yeah I know
Me: X I have an early morning class tomorrow and its 1 am now I have to sleep.Cya later
X: I am very happy that I am in ISRO because I am able to work in something which I am comfortable at. You know I worked as a programmer in CTS but did not enjoy it at all.

I was almost about to type Lady, didn't you hear me!!!!!! Thankfully the Lord heard my prayers and I saw those relieving words appear on screen.

X: Oh ok nice talking to you, even I have some work. I have to type up a report for an important ISRO research project.
Me: Oh, ok . Cya later

Well, I logged out of yahoo messenger immediately but I was still thinking of people and their 'empire state' ego's. But the irony was if I didn't have one I shouldn't have felt anything odd about this conversation. I should have just listened to whatever she said, but I think I can safely categorize myself somewhere between being that pompous pig with a bloated ego and the person who considers himself inconsequential.


Blogger optical dillusion said...

well dude, i think she might have been insecure herself and was trying to reassure herself that she was doing awesome shit... hence the crappy responses. then again, why do we feel bad when people genuinely do feel happy that they have achieved something... we're so used to hearing people underplay their true emotions that we can't comprehend when someone truly feels like patting themselves on the back.

5:31 AM  
Blogger karthik durvasula said...

'...finally had to act as if I had a severe case of stomach ache coupled with dysentry.'

HOW ON EARTH DID U FAKE DYSENTERY????? another question, who in their right minds would fake it???

read definition attached below (from

noun [U]
a disease of the bowels which causes the contents to be excreted much more often and in a more liquid form than usual. It is caused by an infection which is spread by dirty water or food.

12:52 AM  
Blogger pagala'k' said...

Dear Karthik,
I was 14 and when I say that I need to use the toilet I don't expect my grand ma to come behind me. So if I say Iam excreting a vile liquid people have to believe me. Maybe you could try this on your advisor incase you have a problem meeting paper deadlines :)

2:16 PM  
Blogger Apss said...

hahahaa .... i can completely empathise ... had one of those in my group ... ppl usually run away from her like she were the plague...

12:22 PM  

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