Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pearls of Wisdom

This is something that my friend Sriramakrishnan Srinivasan...(well if you call that a long name, here is how my roomies name goes Allampalayam Jayaraman Kannan)...Ok coming to the point, Sriram wrote something that touched a chord with many of my friends.

Hi Guys,
I was just reflecting the other day about times at VIT and life in general and I must say I came up with some very self probing and revealing insights.How many of us remember the times we were at VIT when gangs of people would get together and there would be general talks on how we fromVIT would not stand a chance in the big bad world! I must say we have not done badly for ourselves and there's no reason to not be optimistic. Just take a look at the profiles of the people on this group ! Now many of us still dont have jobs and are still to earn a penny but IMHO thats not an indication of success. Often times the pursuit of a dream and happiness is more fulfilling than the destination which will always be a step distant but I belive we areall getting there in out own little ways.There is however only one thing that bothers me. I call it the "Comfort Zone Syndrome ". I do belive that many of my friends from VIT are short charging themselves ( as I have done in the past ) bynot taking calculated risks. Often a risk must be taken head on. But the Indian and general mentality is to always have a "concrete" backup plan. However, more often than not, this concrete back up planbecomes the comfort zone and the original plan is forgotten.How many of us (either on this forum or friends we can think of)promised ourlseves that we would "eventually" do that thing of ourdreams - and that the job/ temporary occupation/ course was just astop gap/ back up plan?Perhaps I am being unrealistic.But its just that I always belivedthat there were many in VIT who had real potential with theintelligence. And I have tried always to push them on the path theydread - the path of risk. No journey is without risk.What I would request of members of this forum therefore - if youremember a friend from VIT (or indeed from anywhere) who one daytold you his dream (perhaps under the influence of alcohol in RiverView :) and if he has forgotten about it - then plese do this - fireup a browser and write him a mail. This could change someone's life.Its nice to see some people on this forum whom I have not met in awhile. Isnt it surprising that its almost 2 years since we left college!To round off - my only fear for those who have not taken the bigplunges yet - will we have the courage to tread the path of fear?Because in time many will have a wife and children ;) Risk takingwill definitely not come naturally then if it has not already.

Regards Sriram

Well he mentions about people not having jobs...thats because half of the guys are working on their way to a Phd or a M.S. but I guess the general feeling right now is whether we really want that Phd...I mean you are too sure of something 10 minutes back and you already start doubting yourself now. I guess thats how life is


Blogger Sriramkrishnan said...

Thanks for putting this here. I must say I didnt expect the level of response this mail generated. Friends have been mailing from all over. Whats funny is that I was sober when I wrote it :)

5:20 PM  
Blogger pagala'k' said...

Didn't know you read my blog ;). I was actually thinking of plagiarising the whole thing, but all my "VIT" values prevented me from doing that. I really had the same thoughts.
5 years back my BIL wanted to start a BPO and I thought it was madness. He had a really nice job and a good pay.My sister eventually talked him out of it...I was a little relieved too. But, I guess that BPO could have made a huge difference.But I am glad that he has finally started one now. Hope it goes well.

Hey why can't I read your blog?

5:31 PM  
Blogger PS said...

Kumar what about Jandhiyala Ashwini Kumar Sowmayajulu :D

6:04 AM  
Blogger PS said...

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6:05 AM  
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