Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Sorry couldn't think of a title more descriptive than this.

So, this weekend was the Halloween weekend where I got to see a lot of drunk chicks with skimpy clothes parading on Franklin Street , Chapel Hill . Some of them lost clothes by the hour(depending on how drunk they were) A lot of funny things happened in the parade. Some of the guys dressed themselves as Arabs/Osama (couldn't actually make out...hey it takes a lot of effort to switch your attention from attractive girls doing their sultry gyrations). These guys started mumbling something which was supposed to be Arabic and then they started shout Kerry Edwards and then part that I wished never happened....they started stripping....I am talking buck naked here. Once they were down to nothing they started jumping up and down singing something....then all of the sudden a guy dressed like bush starts chasing naked Osama and the crowd starts yelling.....I just moved out of the place as fast as I could. The most striking thing was a guy dressed up like Gandhi...I dunno what made him to.....but if he wanted to stand out from the crowd he CERTAINLY did..

Very Large Scale Integrated System Design is killing me. The last weekend was spent on drawing layouts of horrible transistors using the horrid Cadence tool. Sometimes during this excercise you would feel like a kid being shown MS Paint for the first time rather than a circuit designer. All you need is truck loads of patience and the amazing ability to pick and place things at an agonizingly slow pace. Yesterday night I had this really weird dream of a guy who wore a costume made of transistors designed by me....he has a plug coming out from his butt(hmmm Yeah that could have been a design flaw...hey after all I am human in my dreams too)....he holds the plug in his hands and yell at me...."Hey! If this thing screws up I ain't gonna look pretty." He plugs it into the socket ..... the whole thing goes kaboom and he gets electrocuted...he screams in pain and gives me a very disappointed look.

The effects of halloween and VLSI are taking a toll on my fragile body. Therefore I have decided to sleep for a solid 10 hours to neutralize the effects.


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