Thursday, February 24, 2005


Hi Guys,
This is something I wrote long back and my classmates/collegmates mistook me for the Hero er... not hero...uhhh...the main character. So read on and PLEASE comment!!!!


"Colour! Colour! What colour do you choose?".I could hear the kids screamtheir lungs out even though I lived 4 floors away from them. The kidsin my building are at their noisily best when they play this game. The objective of the game is that the catcher yells out a color and therest clutch to things that matches the colour yelled out by thecatcher. If you fail to get hold of anything of that colour, you willbe the next catcher. Well folks this simple little game caused me oneof the most unpleasant experiences of my life. So here is what happened on that fateful day.It was just like any other normal weekend. I woke up late in themorning and went out to the balcony to read the newspaper. I saw theSTAR BUZZ column by Rosie Marie, she warned me of an impending embarrassment. I didn't take it very seriously because the previous week she predicted that a gorgeous girl would fall in love with me. I naturally got carried away but nothing of such sort happened, instead I fell ill that week and I had a grumpy 65-year-oldretired male army doctor to treat me. So I didn't have the chance ofmeeting a girl let alone her being gorgeous. The normal weekend took a wicked twist when I decided to go out to grab something to eat fromthe nearby supermarket.On my way to the car park I saw a stunningly beautiful girl., She introduced herself as Sherin and told me that she was new to thebuilding and was going to occupy the flat opposite to mine. I was overjoyed and thought that there was perhaps some truth about these astro predictions. It just takes a some time for these predictions to come true.So what, if it didn't happen the previous week. I want results and wouldn't mind they weren't quick. I tried to put a very sincere look on my face and told her that she could count on me for any help that would be required. She thanked me and went towards her car and I was walking towards mine.Suddenly there was a big commotion, the attention of all the kids was riveted on me. They started running towards me,they were charging down the car park like a raging bull. They were perilously close and Iwasn't sure whether to stand there or run. Through the corner of eye Isaw Sherin still in the car park. I can't let her see a bunch of kids scaring me away, so I stood there like Russel Crowe in the amphitheater a.k.a Gladiator, not sure what to expect. All the kids yelled BLACK!! and caught hold of my hand. There was one lone kid standing on the other end of the car park yelling NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!I was totally confused and couldn't quite understand the sequence of events that unfolded in the past few minutes. I heard some one laughing and turned around. It was Sherin she was moving towards the boy standing alone. She consoled him saying that there is no harm in being the catcher again and reminded him that it was just a game. Iwas just thinking of how sweet she was with children and that's when it hit me like lightning, a game.....oh no! it all made sense to me. These little insensitive brats categorized me as a black object because of my dark complexion.Sherin was walking towards me and I tried my best to conceal the embarrassed look on my face. It was a game and since Sherin was new to the building she wouldn't know what it was all about and why the children came running towards me shouting black. So in effect there was no damage done. She then said, "Manu is a very sensitive boy andhe gets disappointed very easily." I gave her a blank look. She then quickly added "Oh, how foolish of me, Manu is my son, the boy.....uhh...who is the catcher."She pointed to the direction of the kids. I slowly recuperated from the second blow that she dealt me.
The gorgeous girl who was supposed to fall in love with me turns out to be a married woman who has a 7-year-old son. I gave her another blank stare and quickly opened the door of my car. She giggled and then said "These Kids!!! (deadly! if you picture the radiant smile that accompanied these words) There is a black Mercedes standing just right next to them and they run to you instead." That was the final blow. I lost my appetite. I was humiliated by a bunch of kids, the lady who was supposed to love me, tells me about her sensitive son and then reminds me that I beat a gleaming black Mercedes for the "Blackest Thing In the Building Award". Since that fateful day I have realized that astrology predictions work only on alternate weeks. I sat inside the car and bid good bye to Sherin and went for a long drive.


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