Monday, July 04, 2005

The first date....

Arun was cleaning his gleaming new black Honda CBZ outside his house on a typically very hot and humid Madras winter morning. There was a very good reason for Arun slaving a good two hours on his new motorbike when he could have watched Sourav's India play Pakistan at Multan on the telly. Arun was keeping his fingers crossed, well it wasn't beacuse of the Indian cricket team, for a change an Indian victory was a foregone conclusion. Arun was keeping his fingers crossed because of the girl who was visiting Ambujam aunty who lived opposite to him.

Arun came home from his office very late a week back and he impatiently knocked on the door fully expecting his mom to open it with an irritated look which sort of conveyed " Did you really have to knock on the door when the mother in law is mercilessly torturing the new bride to death on Sun TV?" But, unexpectedly there was this girl who Arun had never ever seen before open the door with such a big smile on her face that could even put Julia Roberts to shame. Understandably Arun was rendered speechless for a few minutes before Arun's mom made the introductions to break the ice. Arun got to know that her name was Priya, she was from Coimbatore and she was Ambujam aunty's niece. She was here to spend her college winter break. Ambujam aunty and Arun never got along very well ever since the day he set fire to sabapathy's tail (her dog). Only if Arun had behaved himself, he could be at Aunty's house talking to Priya over a hot cup of coffee. Beautiful women make men repent for their past mistakes. Maybe setting fire to a dog's tail is a little more than a mistake.

So Arun that very weekend had painstakingly pretended to clean his bike a good 4 hours just to find out the girls every day routine. So if all the effort that he put into cleaning his bike the last weekend paid off she would walk into the balcony facing his house with her coffee in hand in about 5 seconds. Will she or won't she?

5...4...3...2...1 he heard the gate creak and his dad walked through it with his Hindu and was standing right behind him. Arun immediately shifted his focus from the balcony door to the spotlessly clean steel mud guard (it could easily pass of for a mirror). Arun's dad was a retired principal and there weren't too many things that could escape his discerning eyes.

"Enna da Arun, is everything okay with Ambujam Maami's balcony door?"

That knocked the wind out of Arun. Arun gave his dad a sheepish smile and immediately put on his 'I don't know what you are talking about' poker face.

"Why pa, did she ask me to come and fix it? May be I should call our carpenter."

Arun's father glared at him,

"Maybe you should shift your attention to things in our own house. I noticed that you have this new found affinity to keeping things clean (looking at his reflection on the mud guard and grimacing at how much hair he has lost over the last year). Maybe we should start cleaning the water tank once I get back from the Tea stall."

Arun's father then gazed at the balcony unable to figure out what was going on. And, at that particular moment the balcony door opened and there she was standing with a cup in hand.
(to be continued)


Blogger Kumari said...

Nice...esp the "typically very hot and humid Madras winter morning" -- i miss madras so much :(

when is the next episode being screened Sir?

7:21 PM  
Blogger Radhika said...

Hey..that was awesome. Waiting for Act 1 scene 2 :-)You know what.. your 'to be continued saga'.. has made me more desperate than those women waiting to watch the next episode of their favorite soap on tv. This is genuine torture.

4:26 PM  
Blogger pagala'k' said...

@Kumari: Iam at Phoenix right now and I must say that Madras is bearable.

Next episode ASAP (2 days to a week).

Regards to Mr.

@Radhika: then I have a chance to write for soaps ;). Alternate career choice.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Akshay said...

nice kick off to the story kaka

7:58 PM  

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