Thursday, January 13, 2005

An eventful Vacation

The 4 or 5 people who read this blog, please DO NOT STOP CHECKING THIS SPACE. And for people who have a little more concern towards this long lost friend...I am safe and alive.

Okay, as usual I was very happy to get a break after ages and going home doubled the excitement. Bahrain: Parents who provide you good food and clothes, a country thats warm during the winter and unlimited TV/movies/music...In short you know "the works". Vacation...aah.....Something that every Man needs to reinvent himself, Just like how every car needs overhauling.

Now there are two sides to a coin....and this side was a little too ugly for my pleasant tastes....So,What I didn't know was that, towards the fag end of my vacation I would get "THE FLU", a nasty cold and will be on antibiotics for a week. So the last week of my vacation which was supposed to be blissful turned out to be watery eyes, gooey green mucus and dry coughs. My mom painstakingly cooked day in and day out to make me fat(not that I am very know how moms are) was lost in a jiffy( hmmm...maybe I could call that a silver lining in a very grey cloud) To make matters worse BA lost my baggage and so I came home tired, hungry and underwearless(ok shirtless and pantless too). Then I had to fight with the BA'stards to locate my bag. One of the guys from BA asked me the most stupidest question ever...Sir, did you check in your baggage....Thank God I didn't spend a lot of time talking to him....Maybe he would have told me "Sir, I think all the stuff in your box don't like leaving London and they deserve a few more days of vacation and we will take good care of them".So after some investgative research through the telephone I finally found out where my bag was.Apparently the tags had come off the baggage and so it stayed back in Heathrow and BA were extremely sorry about it...the guy was trying to convince me that he really meant it. I was a little happy because I would be getting 50 dollars for every day lost and thats when the rudest of shocks awaited me. The reply from customer service personnel...thinking about it, it ought to customer irritation personnel...."Sir, As you are a resident of the United States you are not entitled to receive the 50 dollar compensation which is meant for toursits and visitors to the United Sates." Well, didn't this pig know that there is no difference between being a visitor or a resident if he has lost all his clothes . They have to wear the same smelly clothes that they wore in the wretched aircraft for the next three days. Maybe BA might have done some serious research and might have found out that the sweat glands of "RESIDENTS" manufacture some special sort of chemicals which keeps their clothes fresh for days and so they do not need any compensation and on the contrary they should appreciate BA's efforts in giving them an opportunity to excercise their incredible powers.

Ahhh...whatever...I think I should stop whining and get on with my dreary life.


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