Friday, February 04, 2005

joke da machhan

Back in college....when people cracked "yucky" jokes....they would get an immediate rejoinder "Joke da machhan" followed by mocking laughter...and the poor guy who cracked the joke just felt like getting out of that place.
So...after taking you through all that crap....I wanted to share a really a good joke which my ASIC Design prof cracked in class. He is a really cool guy, he knows how boring a 1hr 15 minute class can be so halfway through the class he tries to lighten up everyone by cracking a joke. The joke in the first class was quite unbearable, I preferred looking at the monstrous chips he had to show in class rather than listening to that joke. But unexpectedly last week the joke he cracked was truly funny.

My prof was a Captain with the Australian Army way back in 1991. So this is an Army joke....

" There is this regiment which have set up camp near the enemy lines. They had a really brave captain as the commanding officer. One fine day, a sergeant comes to the Captain hurriedly and shouts out..."Captain, Captain....a unit comprising of 100 enemy soldiers and a tank are approaching our camp sir"
The captain was calm and unruffled and he told the sergeant...." Sergeant, prepare our men and get my red coat." And the captain and his men defeat the enemy
A week went by and the sergeant walked in again and told the captain......."Captain, Captain....a unit comprising of a 500 enemy soldiers with assault rifles, machine guns and grenades along with 3 tanks are approaching our camp sir"
The captains reply was the same " Sergeant, prepare our men and get my red coat."
The cap and his men win again
At this point the sergeant was curious to know why the captain wanted to wear the red coat before every fight and so he asks the captain.....The captain replied "Sarge, the reason why I wear the red coat is that even if get shot, I don't want our men to notice it. i dont want my men tp get demoralized, I want them to fight with passion and vigor"
The sergeant was moved and saluted the captain and retired to bed.
The next day the sergent calmly walked to the captain " Sir the enemy this time around has sent out 3 platoons of soldier, 2 battalions of tanks, 10 attack helicopters....Shall I go and get your red coat sir?"
The captains answer was "GET ME MY BROWN PANTS!!!!"


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good one.

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