Sunday, December 26, 2004

A new beginning

Another year gone by and it’s already 2005

Time is just like a new born-crawl, stand, walk and run- ahhh time flies

2004 started off with some well laid out plans

But, somewhere between the crawling and running they became “also ran’s”

A million things that you should have done and another mil that you wish you didn’t

However if that were the case, it would have never been fun-so bother you needn’t

As the cliché goes the optimist looks to gain and the pessimist prays that he doesn’t lose

Only if fate were as simple as hope that it lets you to pick and choose

Then there are those special few who always pray for the elusive ‘everlasting’ peace

But, what could poor God do if politicians keep wanting more cheese

Amidst all these unrealized dreams, the coming year could assure you of one thing

At the end of it will lie yet another new year- a year of hope that will make life worth living


Blogger optical dillusion said...

happy new year da.

10:50 AM  

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