Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My first Football game!!!

This weekend was a pretty hectic one. But, as usual I did manage to postpone my work and have some fun. Its' been close to 16 months since I landed in America and I had a lot of 'first experiences' in this time frame but the one that happened this weekend was an enjoyable one. It was a college football game between my university N.C.State and Univ of Miami. Well, we lost and very badly that too(45-31) but nonetheless it was enjoyable. I wouldn't have been very happy if the side I supported lost a cricket game...... I saw the Indo-Pak test at Chennai where we lost by a whisker....the game was enjoyable but it HURT. So I guess that clearly gives you a picture of how patriotic I am towards State.
Well I always hated the American concept of holding a world championship within their own country where their own states participated for the WOOOORLD CUP! So I always had this prejudiced opinion about American Football. A bunch of clowns who think they are gladiators and enter an arena filled with drunk yelling bums waiting for some blood to be spilled out there in the middle and are glad its not their own. Foot ball on TV in India was very confusing with no one around to explain the rules, all I got to see was guys falling on each other over that strange looking thing which they termed as a 'football' (I could never associate that queer looking thing with a ball...still can't). But, all that changed when I saw my first game over here the very first week I landed. It was NC state vs Ohio State, we lost again but it was an amazing game that stretched to 3 overtimes and plus I had a few kind seniors who took the time to explain me the nitty gritty of the game.And hey, dont think that we always lose, we are ranked number 1 for defense in the nation and Ohio State and U Miami are like top 5 in the nation so we lose only to the really good ones....and I am taking an effort to prove that I am a committed hardcore wolf pack fan .
I really have to appreciate the Americans because of the importance they attach to college level sports. This sort of attention is what encourages these kids and motivates them to move onto the higher level.(the game that I went to was telecasted nationally on ESPN) In India I would imagine the conversation to go like this...."Son: Hey Dad I am on the college team, Dad: How much did you get in that science test son ? do you really think that this game is going to take you anywhere in life son...look at John Doe see how he manages to brilliantly balance himself by studing for 10hrs a day and revising what he studies for the other 10 hours". But one thing that bothered me during the game or lets say before the game was the audacity of women over here.Please don't get me wrong I am not an MCP or anything . Its better if I narrate the whole incident to you. To get to the game I had to board a charter bus from the college campus to the stadium. The bus was really crowded and there was this drunk guy who wore half pants, a formal white shirt with a tie, a wind jacket and a cap. I dont know whether he got his attire wrong because of his drunken stupor or whether he normally dresses that way. So this guy butts his head out of the window and swears at all the people passing by. So one of his victims was this middle aged heavy set white lady who was driving her SUV towards the stadium. She made the mistake of overtaking the bus and this guy got really pissed and started reeling out a bunch of expletives. The traffic suddenly came to a halt and the SUV was about parallel to the window with our man's head jutting out . On seeing the SUV again this guy got all hot and relaunched his verbal tirade...one of his lines were "hey, you bi... what do you think you are driving...what is this world coming to , a 45 year old bum **&#% ".. This time the lady heard and boy did she have a short fuse. She came out of her car and unleashed a Bruce lee sort of kick on the door/window of the bus. The kick was so powerful that the sound reverbrated throughout that crowded bus and all the chattering stopped . I guess by then Mr. drunk must have been pissing in his pants. ButI was truly shocked, a 45ish lady despite all her flab doing a stunt like that. Well imagine how it would have been if a 45 year old Madisar mami in Renganathan street, Chennai do the same thing to some drunk guy(hmmm reminds me of Kamal in Avvai Shanmugi/Chachi 420)....I think the drunk guy would first be as shocked as I was and would pinch himself to check whether he was imagining Mami doing a the kung fu kick or whether he had too much to drink. I think he'd take a vow that he would never drink again.Well atleast such incidents would reduce the number of alcoholics. I guess we need to start training our Mami's in martial arts rather than the traditional marital arts like cooking and taking care of the household.

Ok so that was the fun part of the weekend now comes the boring part.....HOMEWORK, PROJECTS...crap, crap and more crap :( :( :(

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Hello people
I have been reading some blogs for the past few days and was amazed at the range and depth of thoughts they managed to convey. I have decided to jump into the bandwagon....so lets see how it goes.

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