Wednesday, February 23, 2005 I come!

Long long ago, I took a course called Digital Enterprise which was offered by the college of management. The prof demonstrated the use of stat counters to effectivel analyze your webstats in order to improve your E-Business. So the entrepreneur that I am, I have decided to use a free counter offered by . It looks really cool....I have so far received 55 unique hits, not much but I am going to do a massive marketing campaign to push my numbers up. My detractors have dampened my spirits by saying that 55 may not be right as some people can access my blog from different computers. Why am I doing all this? good question....a friend pointed out that someone from penguin was blog hopping and was so impressed by a blog that he/she gave the author a contract. So if harper collins/penguin/maybe even NCERT(if I plan to write that text book for second graders on this blog) visit my blog and look at how popular my blog is they would offer me a contract too. NCERT people blog hopping...yeah very slim chances.Hey Chith...I can see that smirk on your face....wipe it off. Yeah, I know vain hopes....but no harm in dreaming.


Blogger optical dillusion said...

what's the point of life without a dream?

3:30 PM  
Anonymous chithi said...

damn....ya must be clairvoyant or somethin'....

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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